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BBounce is a complete joint supplement package providing a total scientific solution to joint health. It helps to calm joint stiffness, support long-term joint health and mobility.

A dog’s joints (just like our own) are cushioned against the impact of walking and running, and the general wear and tear of daily life, by a combination of cartilage (a flexible, rubbery tissue that cushions and protects the bones where they meet) and synovial fluid (a thick, slippery liquid that lubricates the joint for easy movement).

As dogs get older, or if they develop a degenerative condition such as arthritis, their ability to maintain this joint protection system deteriorates which can lead to a wearing away of the cartilage and a thinning of the synovial fluid, leading to the joints rubbing and stiffening which can cause pain and immobility.

BBounce works by replenishing the nutrients required to maintain your dog’s own natural joint protection system, and includes active ingredients that work in synergy with these nutrients to allow them to be absorbed more easily and effectively.

If your dog is experiencing any of the following symptoms they may benefit from BBounce:

1. Stiffness standing up or lying down

2. Favouring one leg or another

3. Less willingness to go out walking, climb stairs or jump in and out of the car

4. Weight gain

5. Irritability

6. Generally less bright and active, or slowing down

BBounce can be used from 12 weeks of age onwards for all breeds of dog.

BBounce products were created to provide around-the-clock support and we recommend using both two products as part of your dog’s daily routine.

Please give Bounce in the morning, Boost’ in the afternoon and Heal in the evening.

We recommend giving ‘Bounce with the morning meal or snack  and ‘Heal’ with the evening meal or snack. 

Boost should be mixed into an afternoon snack or into the  afternoon meal. 

Each product should be given at the same time. For example 4 tablets of Bounce should be given in the morning all together.

All BBounce supplements may be given on an empty stomach but we recommend giving with food for maximum absorption and palatability.

Our oil, Boost is best given by mixing into a meal or a yummy snack.

Yes, we hope so. All BBounce products have been formulated with dog palatability in mind. That said, some dogs will prefer to take Bounce’and Heal in a small tasty snack.

Yes all of our supplements can be taken in conjunction with prescription medicines. However please do consult with your Vet or email us on if you have any questions.

Both our perfect pair products Bounce and Heel contain high concentrations of Vitamin C, Manganese and Glucosamine.These are provided in equivalent or higher concentrations than in other leading brands because we consider them to be fundamental ingredients and building blocks for joint development and health.

We recommend storing BBounce below 30°C away from direct sunlight. It is not necessary to refrigerate our oils as they are produced under vacuum conditions to prevent deterioration during storage.

Within three weeks of starting BBounce but we ask you to give a trial of 60 days.

Any or all of the following is a sign that BBounce is working for your dog:

1. More comfortable getting up, more comfortable lying down

2. Happier to jump up or down from sofa

3. Happier to climb up or down stairs

4. More willing to go for longer walks

5. Happier jumping in and out of the car

6. More willing to play

7. Sleeping more soundly

BBounce is owned and distributed by Stem Cell Vet. Sten Cell Vet (and BBounce) is based in Somerset, UK. Lean more about Stem Cell Vet here.

For whatever reason, if you decide to cancel your subscription, just email us at and we will cancel your subscription immediately.

If you try BBounce for 60 days and don’t see a difference, we’ll give you your money back.

Please give it a fair try, though most dogs show results in as little as 3 weeks, please allow 60 days.

If you would like to initiate a refund please take the following steps:

1. Send us an email describing briefly what's happening to

2. Please return any unused product or empty containers by post with your proof of purchase. Post to BBounce, 25 Bruton High Street, Bruton, Somerset BA10 OAH

Each BBounce product contains high-grade active ingredients that have been proven to be effective in facilitating optimal joint mobility and overall health.

BBounce is proudly made from 100% individual raw ingredients, as high as or at greater concentration than other leading dog supplements.

The products work as a harmonious system designed to provide your dog with around-the-clock joint support to aid maximum mobility.

Please see more details on our about page here.

BBounce is owned and distributed by Stem Cell Vet. Stem Cell Vet is England's only stand-alone regenerative medicine arthritis clinic for dogs. Stem Cell Vet has been providing BBounce to dogs coming to their arthritis clinic and have now made it available online. Please see further details on our founder here.

Stem Cell Vet is a cutting edge clinic in the UK dedicated to the treatment of dogs with arthritis. Our clients have dogs who are struggling with arthritis. Almost all have tried other solutions, medications, weight loss, diets, hydrotherapy and sometimes surgery. For further information please visit

A healthy joint is made up of bone covered by a smooth, thick, shiny layer of cartilage separated from the opposite bone by lubricated sticky synovial fluid, all kept within a synovial membrane or sac.

Bone is made up of collagen protein together with proteoglycans which bind in the minerals calcium phosphorus and magnesium. Almost all of the body's calcium is found in bone.

Cartilage is made up of collagen protein and proteoglycans but is less brittle than bone, protecting the articulating joint surfaces and maintaining smooth joint movement

Synovial fluid is a lubricating fluid produced in the synovial lining of the joint, secreted into the joint space to lubricate and provide shock absorption.

Synovial membrane surrounds the joint space, keeping the synovial fluid in. This inner joint lining is often the first part of the joint to become inflamed during arthritis.

Arthritis means inflammation of the joint and is recognised as an inflammation of the synovial membrane, a loss of the cartilage protecting the bone ends and a breakdown of collagen underneath this cartilage. This leads to ‘bone on bone’ friction, resulting in microfracturing of the bone ends which exposes nerve endings and is painful.

In dogs, almost all osteoarthritis is caused by wear and tear, injury, breed and individual joint characteristics and genetics.

Instances of poor nutrition (calcium phosphorus imbalance, vitamin and mineral deficiency) and joint infection can also result in arthritis.

Generally we divide arthritis into developmental ( genetically predisposed to joint issues) and acquired ( caused not by genetics but by circumstances) types.

Rheumatoid arthritis occurs where the body's own immune system attacks the joints.

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